When it comes to offloading suspension cushions, HeelZup’s products outperform the competition. If you’ve been advised by a doctor or healthcare professional to elevate or suspend your heels, our products will keep you comfortable while providing health benefits while you relax; our cushions are ideal for healthcare facilities, as well. HeelZup cushions are designed with side bolsters to keep your feet from slipping off the cushions. See our complete offloading cushion inventory when you browse HeelZup online.

5 Benefits of Offloading

1. A quality suspension cushion can prevent and treat pressure ulcers in patients who spend a lot of time in bed. Here at HeelZup, we carry a number of very comfortable cushions to meet your needs, including the original HeelZup cushion that allows heels to suspend from the end of the cushion, relieving pressure points on the heel. Our HeelZup Supreme features a thicker calf bed and an inch-and-a-half-thick layer of Visco Elastic Foam for exceptional comfort. See our HeelZup with PopliZone Thigh Support, as well.

2. Offloading can help you get some much needed rest while you’re recovering from an injury or illness. If you have a difficult time getting to sleep, using one of our cushions can make the transition to sleep one that is faster and easier. Pressure relief in bed is available from HeelZup.

3. Our open-air heel cushions are a much safer option compared wit heel boots that require constant inspection for skin ulcers. Do yourself or a loved one a favor and invest in an affordably priced cushion from HeelZup that will enhance rest and sleep. An added benefit of our patented cushions is their ability to stay put, unlike high-maintenance cushions that require repositioning every so often.

4.The right offloading cushion will take pressure off of your heels and allow you to remain more comfortable while you keep your feet elevated. HeelZup cushions are manufactured of high-density, anti-microbial, latex-free foam, providing a superior experience for your healthcare facility’s patients. All of our cushions are available in single-use or reusable models and are designed to provide outstanding value to your care center.

5. Heel Elevation can be customized to meet the patient’s needs or desired comfort level. Cushions from HeelZup can receive a conventional pillow to enhance patient comfort, and since the raised borders will hold any regular-sized pillow in place, there’s no risk of slipping or falling out of place.

Browse Online Resources

You’ll find additional information available online at HeelZup.com, including PDF brochures and articles to help you make a side by side comparison of our offloading cushions and those made by our competition. Watch our website’s videos, as well, to discover the advantages of choosing HeelZup cushions for your patients.

HeelZup makes it easy and affordable for your healthcare facility to provide intensive therapeutics for all of your patients. Along with heel suspension cushions, we also carry no-slip wedges and reusable covers. Contact our customer support team with any questions you have or for assistance lacing an order; you’ll find an easy connect button on our website’s homepage.