Heelz Up

The HeelZup Family of Lower leg and Heel Suspension Cushions

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U.S. Patent # 6,634,045. Other US and International Patents Pending.

HeelZup – Our original patented HeelZup Cushion. The heels are suspended off of the end of the 3.25″ thick calf bed, while raised side bolsters prevent the legs from falling off of the sides. Available in covered reusable and bare foam disposable versions.
HeelZup Supreme – The same great features as our original HeelZup Cushion, only a little thicker for more elevation and a layer of Visco-Elastic memory foam added to the calf bed for enhanced comfort.
HeelZup with PopliZone Thigh Support – Our original HeelZup Cushion with an integrated thigh support cushion. HeelZup with PopliZone supports the entire leg while eliminating pressure on the popliteal fossa and the heels.