The HeelZup® Family of Heel Elevators

lady on bed with foot suspension wedge

HeelZup® – The Original HeelZup® Elevator. The heels are suspended from the end of the 3.25” thick calf bed, while patented raised side bolsters prevent the legs from falling off the sides of the cushion. HeelZup® in the only heel elevator available that can be used with a traditional pillow on top if the user prefers. Available in covered reusable and bare foam disposable versions.

thicker version of the HeelZup® Elevator Cushion

HeelZup® Supreme – A thicker version of the HeelZup® Elevator.  The calf bed is 5” thick, including a 1.5” thick layer of Visco Elastic Foam for enhanced comfort and pressure redistribution.

HeelZup® with PopliZone Thigh Support Our Original HeelZup® Elevator, fitted with an integrated thigh support.  HeelZup with PopliZone supports the entire leg, while eliminating pressure on the popliteal fossa and heels.

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