Heelz Up
HeelZup Supreme Maximum Lift Heel Elevating Cushion

The HeelZup Supreme model is intended for situations when more elevation is better. A 3.5" base of high-resiliency, pressure reducing foam is joined with a 1.5" layer of Visco-Elastic foam for a total thickness of 5", versus 3.25" thick on the standard HeelZup models.

U.S. Patent # 6,634,045. Other US and International Patents Pending.

The 1.5" thick Visco-Elastic foam calf bed provides enhanced comfort and pressure reduction to the lower leg, from the achilles area to the knee.
The 4-way stretch cover allows the legs to immerse more deeply into the Visco-Elastic foam calf bed, while the No-Slip bottom material helps the cushion to stay neatly in place.