Heelz Up

HeelZup Cloud Heel Suspension Cushion
Advanced support for heel suspension and lower leg elevation

Patent Pending

This is a cutaway view of the unique, patent pending design of the new HeelZup Cloud Heel Suspension Cushion. The HeelZup Cloud Cushion conforms to the natural shape of the legs, which enhances comfort and improves pressure redistribution for the whole body.

The HeelZup® Cloud Heel Suspension Cushion is a new concept for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. Until now, conventional pillows or contour cut foam cushions were the main choices available for elevating the lower legs and suspending the heels to eliminate pressure. The HeelZup Cloud Heel Suspension Cushion was designed to utilize the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages of both pillows and foam cushions.

The innovative HeelZup Cloud Heel Suspension Cushion incorporates a wide range of advanced design features:

  • The entire elevated area of the leg from the ankle to the thigh is supported, providing superior envelopment, pressure redistribution and patient comfort.
  • The new calf bed design combines layers of high resiliency foam, thermo-bonded polyester fiber sheets and Viscoelastic foam. These materials are carefully arranged to maximize support, while eliminating the “Ledge” effect commonly associated with contour cut foam cushions. Viscoelastic foam is used to prevent bottoming out, which is commonly associated with polyester fiber filled pillows.
  • Unlike pillows, which have a domed shape, the HeelZup Cloud cushion is flat. A flat support surface means greater stability and less potential for the legs to fall off of a dome shaped surface.
  • The free-floating design of the multi-layered calf bed prevents hammocking and allows the HeelZup Cloud cushion to sculpt and conform to the natural shape and position of the legs, even in the 30-degree side lying position.
  • The No-Slip fabric on the bottom of the HeelZup Cloud base prevents the cushion from moving around in the bed.
  • Each side panel is labeled with a large, easy to read instructions, which address proper positioning, cleaning and sizing. Staff education and compliance to the heel suspension protocol are continually reinforced.
  • Soft, textured Recovery Knit cover used on the calf bed is comfortable against the skin, which leads to improved patient compliance.
  • Available in three sizes for various height ranges.
  • Tested by an independent lab for durability, heel suspension and pressure redistribution over a simulated three

Illustrated instructions for proper use and cleaning are silkscreened to both side walls of the HeelZup Cloud Cushion.

The Recovery Knit Cover is easy to clean and resistant to stains and odors. A PVC backing protects the cushion from moisture.

The HeelZup Cloud is soft and comfortable enough to be used in both the supine and side lying positions.

Here, the user is supported in the 30-degree side lying position with a No-Slip Wedge Cushion while the heels are suspended using the HeelZup Cloud Cushion.

HeelZup Cloud Solo – A single patient use version of the HeelZup Cloud

The HeelZup Cloud Solo uses the same inner cushion as the reusable HeelZup Cloud. The HeelZup Cloud Solo cover is made of a lightweight nylon material that is moisture proof and reduces friction and shear.

HeelZup Cloud Reusable

The HeelZup Cloud Reusable is fitted with a durable, four-way stretch polyurethane cover that can be cleaned and used from patient to patient.  Illustrated instructions for use and care and silkscreened to both side panels of the cover.