HeelZup® Heel Elevator Cushions

HeelZup® Heel Elevators  are designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of heel pressure injuries.  HeelZup® Heel Elevators suspend the heels to eliminate pressure, while the patented raised side bolsters serve as a gentle reminder of the edge of the cushion.  Available in disposable and reusable version with special features for superior infection control.

HeelZup® Heel Elevators

Elevate the legs and suspend the heels to eliminate pressure and improve comfort. Explore the range of HeelZup® Heel Elevators

No-Slip Wedge Turning
& Positioning Cushions

Improve the comfort, consistency and reliability of your patient turning and positioning protocol with the No-Slip Wedge. The No-Slip Wedge is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of patient needs.

Bariatric No-Slip Wedge Turning & Positioning Cushion

The Bariatric No-Slip Wedge provides exceptional support and pressure redistribution with a weight capacity of 650 pounds.

lady on bed with heel suspension wedge

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