Kicking your feet up is relaxing for both the feet and your brain. People who suffer some types of medical conditions find a lot of relief in the process, especially when they choose a medical-grade foot cushion that will undoubtedly reverse all the pain by encouraging blood and oxygen towards the suitable cells and tissues.

Who can use the Heelzup foot pillow?

The American Sleep Association states that about 40% of Americans suffer chronic insomnia because they do not have conditions to support restful sleep. Using our pillow is one of the best ways to allow rest, which means all people should use the pillow comfortably.

Many other things can cause one to use a leg elevator cushion including a high likelihood of developing clots, injuries, anxiety, sleep disorders, and diabetes, among many more. If their medical practitioner encourages its use, the medically approved pillow is also critical in supporting better sleep for people with after-surgery complications or heart failure. Our foot pillow passes the bar as one of the medically recommended ones, so you should be able to get the full benefits for a good night’s sleep and the following extra perks.

Benefits of using our foot cushion

  • Improve blood flow because it will follow gravity, resulting in lower or normal pressure if you are apt at getting high blood pressure.
  • Reduce swelling because it discourages blood from settling in the feet.
  • Reduce back and leg pain while relaxing your spine
  • Reduce overall body pressure
  • Boost circulation and help to improve the physical health or recovery from surgery

Finally, how do you ensure you have the right foot elevator cushions to prevent more pain and trouble. Here is a summary of what you can get with us and how the pillow is perfect for your medical needs because it has all the proper specifications.

An overview of our pillow’s qualities


There is highly unlikely to be a foot pillow that suits all types of people, because we all have different physical traits and sizes. Heelzup created three categories of sizes according to the body height, so you should be able to purchase one close to your actual height and offer the most relief.


The density is one of the few critical factors that differentiate between a head pillow and a medically approved foot cushion. Our cushions have adaptable densities because they have voids and columns of voids that collapse when you place your foot. These structures make the cushion the best supportive form positioning because each will get a unique resting experience. Additionally, the cushion allows you to be as comfortable as you’d like, without causing your body to adapt just to match up to the pillow’s structures.


The foam in our heel lift cushion has breathable foam so that you can stay comfortable and cool at all times. We ensure that our pillows have all these extra features to reduce sleep disruptions and medical complications. Check out the site for in-depth details and make your order today to begin your journey towards health.

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