Heelzup Positioning Device

At Intensive Therapeutics, our commitment to advancing patient care and comfort has led us to develop the HeelZup® Heel Elevators. This unique positioning device is designed to offer unprecedented relief and support for patients, specifically focusing on heel elevation, suspension, and offloading.

Heelzup Knee Elevator

The HeelZup Knee Elevator is integral to our line of products, crafted to enhance the elevation experience. By comfortably raising the knees, this device aids in promoting optimal positioning that supports overall body alignment and relief.

Benefits of Using Heelzup

  • Eliminates heel pressure
  • Improves patient comfort
  • Supports proper leg alignment
  • Facilitates better circulation
  • Helps in preventing pressure ulcers

How to Use Heelzup for Pressure Relief

The utilization of HeelZup for pressure relief is straightforward. Place the HeelZup under the legs with the heels suspended over the edge. This ensures the heels are entirely offloaded, eliminating pressure and significantly reducing the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Heelzup for Leg Elevation

Leg elevation with HeelZup is not only about comfort; it’s also about health benefits. Elevating legs helps reduce swelling, improves circulation, and supports recovery from surgeries or injuries. The HeelZup positioning device makes leg elevation easy and effective.

Heelzup for Improving Circulation

Improving circulation is crucial for patients who are bedridden or have limited mobility. HeelZup facilitates better blood flow by elevating the legs, which, in turn, aids in preventing complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Purchasing Options for Heelzup

Intensive Therapeutics provides both disposable and reusable HeelZup heel elevators, catering to the varied needs of healthcare settings. Our products are available for direct purchase by calling our team at 866.736.8484 or emailing hello@heelzup.com. Further details and options are accessible on our website.

Reviews and Testimonials for Heelzup

Our HeelZup products have garnered positive feedback from healthcare professionals and patients alike. The comfort and relief they provide have been life-changing for many, emphasizing their effectiveness in pressure offloading and support.

Comparing Heelzup to Other Positioning Devices

When compared to other positioning devices, HeelZup stands out for its focus on heel elevation and pressure ulcer prevention. The patented raised side bolsters and the special infection control features set our devices apart, offering both comfort and safety.

Heelzup for Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Preventing pressure ulcers is a paramount concern for patients with limited mobility. HeelZup’s unique design not only suspends the heels to eliminate pressure but also incorporates features that enhance comfort and promote better health outcomes.

In summary, the HeelZup positioning devices by Intensive Therapeutics embody our dedication to delivering innovative solutions for patient care. By focusing on heel elevation, suspension, and offloading, our products ensure optimal comfort and health benefits. Whether for use in healthcare settings or at home, HeelZup is a testament to our commitment to improving lives.

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