HeelZup Therapeutic Heel Elevating Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support

The HeelZup Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support offers the same benefits of heel suspension and leg elevation as the Original HeelZup Cushion, but with added support for the lower thigh.  The NPIAP Guidelines for heel pressure offloading recommend that pressure should on the popliteal space, (behind the knee), should be avoided.  Our PopliZone Thigh Support includes a contoured space under the popliteal space to keep this area completely free of pressure.  HeelZup with PopliZone Thigh Support provides comfortable support for the leg and thigh and freedom from pressure for the heels and popliteal space.

  • Elevates the heels while supporting the leg from the thigh to the ankle.
  • Eliminates pressure on the Popliteal Fossa.
  • Raised side bolsters prevent legs from falling off the sides of the cushion.
  • Stays neatly in place and does not require constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • Coated nylon cover reduces friction and shear, while the No-Slip bottom material helps the cushion to stay neatly in place. No need for constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • Hinged seam between the PopliZone Thigh Support and the HeelZup Cushion allows the cushion to articulate with the bed frame.
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U.S. Patent # 6,634,045.

The HeelZup Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support is fitted with a cover made of moisture-proof, friction and shear reducing nylon.  The PopliZone Thigh Support is joined to the HeelZup Cushion by a hinge-style seam, which enables the cushion to articulate with the bed frame. The thigh support can be folded under the cushion for space efficient storage.

For more leg elevation or to enhance patient comfort, a conventional pillow can be placed on top of the HeelZup Cushion. The raised borders will hold the pillow in place, preventing lateral movement. The HeelZup Cushion is the only heel suspension cushion available that can be used in conjunction with a conventional pillow, giving you unparalleled versatility for leg elevation and comfort.

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