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HeelZup Therapeutic Heel Elevating Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support

One of the leading challenges for the wound care community is heel pressure ulceration. Heels are naturally susceptible to pressure ulcers and even the most advanced support surfaces prove to be ineffective at prevention and treatment. Existing modalities of heel pressure ulcer prevention and treatment have many drawbacks. Heel "boots" require frequent removal to inspect the skin integrity of the lower leg. Pillows, which slide out of place and compress very easily are also a high maintenance and unreliable solution to the problem. The HeelZup Therapeutic Heel Elevating Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support provides the most practical solution to this complex problem:

  • Elevates the heels while supporting the leg from the thigh to the ankle.
  • Eliminates pressure on the Popliteal Fossa.
  • Raised side bolsters prevent legs from falling off of the sides of the cushion.
  • Stays neatly in place and does not require constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • Coated nylon cover reduces friction and shear, while the No-Slip bottom material helps the cushion to stay neatly in place. No need for constant maintenance and adjustment.
  • The PopliZone Thigh Support can be retrofitted to previously purchased HeelZup cushions that are not equipped with the PopliZone Thigh Support.
  • Hinged seam between the PopliZone Thigh Support and HeelZup Cushion allows the entire system to articulate.

U.S. Patent # 6,634,045. Other US and International Patents Pending.

The HeelZup Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support is covered with a moisture proof, friction and shear reducing cover. An available retrofit kit enables owners of first generation HeelZup cushions to upgrade to the PopliZone Thigh Support. The PopliZone Retrofit Kit reduces cost and eliminates unnecessary waste.

The HeelZup Cushion and the PopliZone Thigh Support are joined together by a reinforced hinge style seam. This enables the cushions to bend easily when the bed articulates or when the patient changes position. When the cushion is not in use it can be folded to consume less space in storage.

For more leg elevation or to enhance patient comfort, a conventional pillow can be placed on top of the HeelZup Cushion. The raised borders will hold the pillow in place, preventing lateral movement. The HeelZup Cushion is the only heel suspension cushion available that can be used in conjunction with a conventional pillow, giving you unparalleled versatility for leg elevation and comfort.


Ordering Information:

Order Number Description Patient Height Patient Weight
TSH13RPS HeelZup Reusable PetiteSoft, 13" Depth with PopliZone Thigh Support Up to 5' 5" 150 Pounds or Under
HeelZup Reusable, 14" Depth with PopliZone Thigh Support 5' 6" – 6' Tall Up to 300 Pounds
TSH15R HeelZup Reusable, 15" Depth with PopliZone Thigh Support Over 6' Tall Up to 300 Pounds
TSH14RB HeelZup Reusable, Bariatric, 14" Depth with PopliZone Thigh Support 5' 6" – 6' Tall Over 300 Pounds
TSHXXR-KIT HeelZup Reusable Cover with PopliZone Thigh Support Kit Specify Size Specify Size



This warranty applies only to defects in structure, workmanship and materials and only to damages arising from normal hospital usage on a non-prorated basis for a period of six (6) months for disposable, covered models and three (3) years for reusable models from the date of purchase. Damages arising from abnormal use such as those caused by needle punctures, burns, chemicals, negligent use or improper care or cleaning are excluded from coverage. Manufacturer will pay shipping charges incurred in connection with this warranty during the first year, thereafter, those charges are the facilities' or dealer's sole responsibility.

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