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One of the most common accessibility problems for wheelchair users is stairs. This barrier significantly reduces people’s autonomy, even if they are in their own home. If there are only a few steps, it is possible to solve the problem by building an accessible ramp, which allows the wheelchair to go up and down without inconvenience.

However, in many cases, the problem is much more complex, such as moving from one floor to another. In those cases, the best alternative is a wheelchair stairlift. It is essential to know this system, and the great benefits it can bring.

What Are Wheelchair Stair Lifts?

They are devices that are composed of a platform and a displacement system, which allows a person in a wheelchair to reach the desired height. Depending on the model, these devices can move the wheelchair up to 75 feet satisfactorily. The great advantage of installing this type of device is that there is no need for construction projects or significant architectural modification.

The wheelchair stairlifts are specially designed so that people in wheelchairs can access and manipulate it with total autonomy. They are also useful for people who, although they can walk, have mobility problems. There are different types of systems, so if you want to install one, the wisest thing is to have the advice of a wheelchair stairlift company. These are specialized companies that, depending on the structure and needs, will be able to recommend the best alternative.

Which Are the Advantages of Wheelchair Stair Lifts?

Regarding accessibility solutions, there are other alternatives, such as stairlifts. The main disadvantage is the transfer since the disabled person must leave the wheelchair to access the system. Besides, it depends on another person to raise the wheelchair to the next level, reducing its autonomy. Other advantages of these devices are:

  • People in wheelchairs can manipulate the system with complete freedom, maintaining their independence, and being able to lead their daily lives as usual.
  • They are easy to operate and have a series of active and passive safety devices that ensure the integrity of the person occupying it.
  • They are versatile. New technologies allow this type of device to overcome almost any staircase, including spiral ones. It is only necessary that the ladder has enough width to carry out the installation.
  • No construction projects are required, so the investment is competitive compared to other accessibility alternatives.

How To Get A Wheelchair Stair Lift?

The smartest thing is that you have the professional advice of a specialized company, such as Stairlift LLC. These companies will be able to analyze the architecture of your home or building and recommend the best alternative according to the systems and models available. Also, the stairlift-company will be able to properly install the system according to the specifications and looking for the device to be as minimally invasive as possible for the rest of the access. Finally, you will have maintenance and repair services that will allow you to enjoy the fully operational system for many years to come.

At Stairlift LLC We Have the Best For You

If you want to install this type of device, and you want to have the support of the most outstanding wheelchair stairlift company, you are in the right place. We are the reference company, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry, and with the sole mission of providing freedom and mobility to those who need it. Let us be a part of your well-being. Contact us.

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