You’re looking for a wedge/”>comfortable wedge that will help patients stay in a comfortable position without slipping out of place. Consider HeelZup for no-slip wedge cushions that provide the 30-degree angle doctors recommend. Our wedges are designed with unique v-shaped contours that promote air-circulation between skin and cushion, so less heat transfer occurs while using our wedges. For higher Fowler angling, consider our 20-degree no-slip wedge for reliable turning and positioning of patients.

5 Reasons to Choose HeelZup Wedges

1. We offer multiple products to meet your needs. Choose from our Bariatric wedge with its extra firm core for heavier patients, our 20-degree wedge, and our v-slip 30-degree wedge in regular and extra-long lengths. If you need assistance selecting the right wedge products for your patients, reach out to one of our product specialists or click the ‘Request Info’ link to connect with our team.

2. Product affordability is one more reason why out wedge pillows are so popular. We make it cost-effective to keep a wide range of wedges on hand to meet the many needs of your patients. Cart our wedges and compare costs with other manufacturers to find out how much you’ll save on your next order. We can fulfill your entire healthcare facility’s requirements without it costing you a small fortune.

3. Available in different lengths for different needs. Select our standard 20” wedge or our extra-long 26” wedge, or keep varying lengths on hand. When comfort matters, you’ll find our wedges are an excellent option.

4. No-slip guarantee. Other products mover around and end up on the floor- our no-slip wedges stay put to keep patients on their side or in the position you place them in. We also offer an all-sides-no-slip cover design for the ultimate slip-resistance experience; let our Intensive Therapeutics staff help you select the right wedge when you call or connect with us online.

5. Our products’ quality is second to none. If you’re searching for a wedge that will outlast and outperform the competition, you’ll find we can provide you with the quality you require. You’ll notice the difference in our quality versus other products the first time you use one of our wedges, and you’ll be glad you invested in our products.

See Usage Instructions on Our Website

Avoid placing our no-slip wedges inside of a pillowcase to ensure good traction. Follow the simple step-by-step process to maximize patient comfort. Use a 10:1 bleach water solution to wipe down wedges, but do not launder or place in a dryer.

Choose from disposable and reusable wedges according to your needs- be sure to stay well-stocked on both options. Note that our wedges meet the CA Technical Bulletin #117-2013 fire safety standards for your peace of mind. Call Intensive Therapeutics at HeelZup at 866-736-8484 with any questions about our wedges- we are also a reputable source for heel suspension and leg elevation cushions for your healthcare facility’s patients- products designed with quality and comfort in mind.