Testosterone Replacement Therapy

LIVV Wellness Lounge is a leading treatment center for testosterone replacement therapy with modern treatments, innovative technology, and a highly skilled clinical team. Our naturopathic doctors create personalized healing programs for each patient after reviewing their symptoms and assessing their vitals and overall health status.

How can testosterone therapy help?

Testosterone therapy might sound promising to those battling the aging process and it plays a pivotal role in reversing the effects of hypogonadism. This therapy also improves sexual function in some men.

Several patients who received testosterone injections reported improved sex drive, muscle strength, and mass. Besides, some studies prove that it can improve bone density, fat distribution, facial and body hair, red blood cell production, etc.. Many individuals receiving testosterone therapy experienced a significant improvement in their quality of life within 3-4 weeks. It can take three months before seeing or experiencing the effects of testosterone therapy on erythropoiesis, which reaches a peak around 9-12 months.

Are there any risks to testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy is one of the newer treatments that still requires more research. While it has proved highly effective in treating a variety of health condition, it does carry a few risks, such as:

  1. Increasing the risk of sleep apnea in some men.
  2. It can lead to acne and other skin reactions.
  3. Some men may experience enlarging breasts and shrinking testicles.

In rare cases, the therapy can stimulate too much red blood cell production and increase your risk of forming a blood clot. While more research is needed to negate or support these claims, speak to your doctor to check if testosterone replacement therapy is ideal in your case.

When should I talk to my doctor about testosterone therapy?

If you are doubtful about whether testosterone therapy is right for you, speak to a doctor to learn about its risks and benefits. Our naturopathic doctors will measure your testosterone levels at least twice before recommending the therapy.

However, we do not advise relying on testosterone therapy to treat normal aging. We recommend natural ways to boost testosterone in patients who do not have a medical condition that requires artificially increasing the testosterone levels.

Benefits of testosterone therapy

As one of the groundbreaking inventions in hormone replacement therapies, testosterone treatment helps men overcome male hypogonadism. Our testosterone treatment in San Diego offers the following benefits:

  1. Healthy heart and blood

Testosterone therapy can help increase red blood cell production through the bone marrow and reduce your risk for several cardiovascular conditions. One study conducted on 83,000 men suggested that men with normal testosterone levels were 36% less likely to experience a stroke and 24% less likely to experience a heart attack.

  1. More muscle

Testosterone therapy can increase muscle mass and help you control your weight. It can also increase energy, decrease fat mass, and increase muscle size and strength.

  1. Better libido

Older men can have a lower libido, causing them to face erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive. Testosterone therapy can increase libido in men, allowing them to have a more active sex life.

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