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At Human Technology, we produce and sell custom orthotics in Nashville. You can use our orthotics in conjunction with shoe inserts, braces, taping, etc. All our products are highly accommodative, flexible, and durable.

How much do orthotics cost?

On average, orthotics can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000. An orthotic can last for 3-4 years with proper maintenance and care. Nevertheless, the top surface of an orthotic is bound to wear out and must be replaced from time to time, which can cost up to $100. 

Some health insurances cover the cost of orthotics, in which case you only have to pay part of the cost. Furthermore, the seller may charge a manufacturing cost for custom orthotics, which can cost an extra $70 – $100. For this price, your podiatrist will run a comprehensive examination, which will include x-Rays, casting measurements, gait analysis, and other tests. We are a trusted seller of orthotics in Nashville, and we specialize in lower-limb extremity orthoses and upper limb extremity orthoses.

Types of orthotics

An orthosis is an external orthopedic component that is generally custom-made to control the movement or range of motion in certain parts of the body. Some of the types of orthosis include:

  • Cervical orthosis – It is used to reduce the range of motion from C-2 to C-5 and helps supports the occiput and chin. Doctors may prescribe this type of orthotic to treat spine conditions.
  • Cervical, thoracic orthosis – It ensures motion restriction from C-5 to C-7 in the spine while still allowing a certain degree motion in the upper cervical spine. CTOs are used to treat unstable fractures and to control flexion.
  • Spine orthotic – A spinal orthotic is applied to an individual’s body to correct deformity and to limit the motion of a particular part of the spinal cord. It also helps reduce axial loading and improves function in the targeted segment of the spinal cord.

Besides these, there are upper limb or arm orthoses, wrist/hand orthoses, hip abduction orthosis, knee orthosis, etc. We sell a large range of static and dynamic upper limb extremity orthoses at affordable prices.

Purpose of orthotics 

Orthotics are prescription medical aids that help correct biomechanical foot problems. An orthotic is something that you wear inside the shoe to overcome problems with the way you walk, run, or move. Sometimes an orthotic is useful for overcoming foot pain in patients suffering from diabetes, bursitis, arthritis, etc. Individuals suffering from flat feet may also use orthotics to avoid surgery.

Custom orthotics guarantee the utmost level of comfort and eases standing, walking, and running. It is an excellent alternative to surgery and helps ward off the ankle, leg, and foot pain. It helps correct posture problems by offering your feet with the necessary support. Lastly, it improves performance in athletes and reduces the risk of injury.

Call Human Technology today to buy the best quality orthotics in Nashville. We sell a wide range of adult and pediatric upper and lower limbs as well as spinal orthotics to assist in easier movement and to reduce pain.

Orthotics Nashville

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Orthotics Nashville

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