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Florida catheter supplies

Florida catheter supplies keep you thriving in the sunshine state. Whether you recently underwent a procedure or are looking for a long-term supply of these vital devices, MyCaths provides affordable and quality catheters directly to your door.

What is a catheter?

A catheter is a small normally plastic tube that carries waste from the body. The equipment is among the most used in the medical profession.

Those with urological problems, diabetics, and many others use catheters daily. MyCaths by Affordable Medical provides some of the sturdiest devices on the market.

Can I reuse my catheter?

A catheter is usually made of plastic. Unless you can thoroughly clean them, they pose a serious risk of urinary tract infections and even more harmful health consequences on reuse.

The FDA and major insurance companies list them as single-use devices. Throw them out and replace them after every use.

How much do catheters cost?

Catheters appear inexpensive on the surface but must be replaced regularly, sometimes multiple times per day. Devices range from eight to $24 dollars per use or more. A 30-day supply can cost over $240 or roughly the cost of catheterization.

MyCaths strives to meet the needs of our customers by supplying only quality brands at an affordable price. Choose between Rush, Tranquility, Coloplast, Bard, and more.

Are my catheters covered by Medicare?

Most insurance covers the cost of these vital devices. You would not want to leave home without staying clean and your insurance company is usually willing to help.

Medicare covers the cost of up to 200 catheters. Other companies follow suit. Failing to cover their cost could lead to further complications by promoting reuse.

Do I need any additional equipment with my catheter?

Many people require additional supplies when using a catheter. Boxers, briefs, and adult diapers are among the products we supply to customers looking to enjoy the Florida sunshine.

We ship all our products discretely to your door using UPS. Your neighbors will never know what you receive. We pride ourselves in helping customers.

Monthly supply of urological supplies in Florida

MyCaths delivers urological supplies including catheters in a simple monthly bundle. Receive all of your supplies at once and budget throughout the course of the month.

We can increase or decrease the number of catheters you receive over time. Simply contact our experts to change your shipment. We work with everyone to stay on budget and on time.

Where can I purchase catheters in Florida?

MyCaths by Affordable Medical provides Florida catheter supplies to help you thrive in our warm and welcoming weather. Receive monthly shipments of quality devices tailored to your needs. We work with all of our customers to stay in budget and accept most major insurance plans.

We served the community for 25 years and look forward to meeting the needs of every customer. Get in touch with an expert today to start your shipments of quality and affordable catheters today. Enjoy your world the way it was meant to be.