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Drug addiction is a physical and psychological dependence on a substance, chemical, or drug. It is a disease that affects the psyche, behavior, and brain of an individual which makes them unable to control the use of illegal drugs, medications, or legal drugs such as anxiety medications, cough medications, and so on. Substances such as marijuana, nicotine, and alcohol are as well considered drugs.

Addiction will make the addicted use the substances and drugs despite whatever harm it may cause.

Drug addiction usually starts with the exploratory use of relaxation drugs in social settings and some individuals get hooked to the drugs. For some people, addiction starts with taking particular prescribed medications or getting medications from a relative or friend whose medications it is.

The threat and speed of addiction vary according to the drug, some tranquilizers have a higher risk and easily cause addiction.

Drug addiction is not something that anyone can voluntarily get out of without help and assistance.

For the best care drug addiction treatment in Los Angeles, Breathe Life Healing Center is the foremost addiction treatment center.

The Different Types of Abused Substances We Treat

Every individual category of substance abuse has different difficulties and risks.

The moment anyone is addicted to addictive substances such persons start to disregard their duties and responsibilities, suffer physical illnesses more often, have hiccups at work, and get involved in brawls more frequently.

Addiction has led to paying the ultimate price by many.

We treat different types of addictions at Breathe Life, some of them include:


Psychological reliance on cocaine is a very serious addiction to break but admitting to the addiction and decision to seek treatment is the most important part of recovery.

Treatment for cocaine addiction has to do with therapy and detox.

We offer inpatient rehab programs using substance abuse evaluation, to give medical and psychiatric treatments.

Methamphetamine (“meth”)

Methamphetamine is also referred to as meth, crystal, blue ice. It is a white, bitter crystalline odorless powder that quickly dissolves in water. or alcohol. It was designed originally to work as a bronchial inhaler and nasal decongestant. It gives a great sense of euphoria to the user.

We offer a comprehensive meth treatment with counseling, therapy, and detox.


We are the best Los Angeles addiction treatment providers and we offer treatment for alcohol addiction.

Are Breathe Life we make use of counseling abstinence and therapy to treat alcohol addiction. Our therapy includes family therapy, support group, psychotherapy, and behavioral therapy.


Opioids include pain relievers that can be gotten legally like codeine, morphine, and hydrocodone which provides euphoria as well as numbing pains and illegal drugs like heroin. This has made a lot of people abuse opioids, resulting in an increase in deaths. We treat opioid addiction with the help of drugs.

Abuse of Prescription Drugs

Taking any prescription more than it is recommended is abuse. At Breathe Life we make counseling available and also treat such addictions.

We are the leading facility in the treatment of other abused substances like ecstasy, flakka, and Benzodiazepines (e.g. Xanax).

Existing under a load of substance abuse can be taxing, saddening, and painful. To get out from under the load you need help from a professional caregiver.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

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