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A cheap walk-in urgent care facility can be a perfect substitute for the emergency room for locals in the Chicago region who are experiencing a non-life-threatening emergency. We at Instant Urgent Services offer the Chicago community quick, high-quality medical care for their urgent care need. Here are some reasons why you should choose us over the ER and when you should go to an urgent care facility.

Why Opt for Chicago Urgent Care?

• Lower Cost: Compared to our reasonable prices here at Instant Urgent Care, receiving treatment at an Emergency Room can be quite expensive. A trip to the emergency room may result in protracted wait periods, large deductibles, or even unaffordable treatment costs. However, none of it applies to working with us.

• Shorter Wait Times: ER visits can include a lengthy wait time since more serious cases receive priority over less serious ones like yours. However, when you see us for your Chicago urgent care need, there is no waiting involved.

• Accessible Care: Our personnel is highly skilled and competent in delivering high-caliber healthcare services efficiently. Time is of the essence when you have an urgent need, and we realize this, thus we make sure that every patient receives timely, effective care.

• Convenience: Receiving care from our urgent care clinic is quicker and easier than traveling far to the ER because to our accommodating walk-in hours and handy location close to downtown Chicago!

When Should You Visit our Chicago Urgent Care Center?

• When You Have Minor Injuries & Illnesses: Whether you fell or suddenly developed stomach flu symptoms, visiting Instant Urgent Care for treatment will help treat minor injuries or illnesses swiftly so you can get back on your feet more quickly.

• When Your Normal Doctor Can’t See You: If your regular doctor is booked solid or doesn’t provide weekend hours, make an appointment with Instant Urgent Care, where our medical staff is always on call for any emergency needs.

• When You Need Quick Results: Since many illnesses only need one test or prescription, we can complete those tests and fill your prescription quickly so you can get results sooner rather than later. This will save you from needing to schedule numerous appointments with your regular doctor, which will delay your results.

At Instant Urgent Care, we offer high-quality care without charging a fortune or having the lengthy waits typically associated with trips to the emergency room. We work hard to maintain the safety and health of our community by providing prompt medical care when it counts! So rather than traveling far to the ER, come see us right away if you find yourself in the greater Chicago region and are experiencing a non-life-threatening emergency.

Don’t Hesitate to Visit IUC

Finally, having a regular primary care physician can be helpful if you frequently require urgent care services. Instead of waiting for an emergency visit at an urgent care facility, regular appointments with your primary doctor will help identify any long-term issues that need more frequent monitoring and enable them to offer better treatment options over time.

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