Different people have different reasons for being overweight. For example, some people suffer from medical conditions or take medication that causes them to gain and retain weight. Some people are genetically predisposed to obesity and being overweight. For a lot of Americans, the problem is behavioral or lifestyle-based. Still, there comes the point when a person just needs to lose weight by any means necessary! Perhaps they have tried everything that their physician has recommended, but nothing is worked. Then comes the idea of bariatric surgery. However, bariatric surgery should be a last resort, and if your patients have tried UnCraveRx, then they haven’t arrived at their last resort yet!

Bariatric surgery is a viable option for individuals who are at immediate risk of critical health issues, such as heart attack, due to obesity. However, there are other people who might do well to consider a bariatric surgery alternative, such as UnCraveRx. If your patient hasn’t reached then end of his or her rope yet, in terms of obesity and related health problems, consider UnCraveRx before having them go under the knife. By recommending this effective bariatric surgery alternative, you can help your patients to get healthy again – the right way!

How Does UnCraveRx Provide a Bariatric Surgery Alternative?

UnCraveRX’s bariatric surgery alternative has three primary facets:

  1. Sustained-release anti-craving medication
  2. Nutritional coaching
  3. Lifestyle behavioral support

The #1 reason that so many physicians trust UnCraveRX is that proprietary weight loss platform works, and it has helped others to avoid surgery. UnCraveRx produces results again and again in patient after patient, providing physicians and their practices with the tools that they need to empower their patients while increasing operational efficiency within the practice.

Your Patients Can Benefit from the MyUnCraveRx App

MyUnCraveRX is an app that can be downloaded and used for the following:

Support Group

Your patients will have access to live virtual support groups whenever they need them. They can ask questions, interact, and make friends with professionals and others who are in the same struggle as they are.


Your patients will gain access to live virtual classes and fitness plans.


Your patients can set appointments with nutritionists and attend nutrition classes all on UnCraveRX’s powerful virtual platform.

Unlimited Messaging

Our experts are available to assist your patients with round-the-clock advice and timely assistance on matters that may be simple or complicated.

Food Library

We’ll help your patients to be mindful of their nutrition intake with our food and hydration tracker.

Your patients can download MyUnCraveRx on Google Play or the Apple Store. Our app works well on every device. MyUnCraveRx also offers technical support for patients who may not be tech-savvy or who may otherwise encounter trouble using our software.

Try UnCraveRx Today in Your Practice

Help your patients avoid surgery with our one-of-kind, life-changing bariatric surgery alternative. UnCraveRx and MyUnCraveRx can provide you and your practice with a full suite of tools to help your patients achieve weight loss success that lasts. Contact UnCraveRx or find a provider near you.