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Auto Injury Pain Treatment Orlando

It can be challenging to know the type of treatment you need if you suffer from some skeletal or muscular pain. In fact, you need to take the time to know and understand the differences between chiropractors and physician treatment – and which option is the best for you. To help you clear this up, we will break down each treatment in this post.

Physician treatment

This type of treatment involves restoring and maintaining human health through diagnosis and treatment of injury or disease. You may visit a physician when you get injured, experience any strange symptoms, feel sick, or for annual checkups. During your meeting with your physician, they will use medical knowledge to diagnose and treat your ailment. They may provide healthier lifestyle recommendations and prescribe medications for your condition.

However, there are different types of physicians out there. It is common for them to refer you to their colleagues who specialize in another area. Just as physicians refer patients among themselves, physicians also refer to other medical experts like physical or chiropractors therapists, depending on their care. A typical session with a physician may include:

  • Working with the patient to set goals.
  • Evaluating and diagnosing the patient's conditions.
  • Creating a treatment plan.
  • Prescribing workout if required. 

Chiropractic treatment 

This type of treatment involves treating the musculoskeletal system's mechanical disorders with a focus on how the joints and spine can influence the nervous system and body alignment. The primary goal of chiropractic treatment is to relieve pressure and pain on nerves and realign any spinal vertebrae that are out of position. While chiropractic treatment goals are similar to physician treatment, the focus is shifted more towards correcting subluxations. Chiropractors will adjust a patient's joints and spine where restricted movement signs are detected using their hands or using adjusting devices.

Differences Between Chiropractic Treatment And A Physician Treatment

There is a lot of overlap within these two treatments. Both treat musculoskeletal and joint problems to decrease pain, strength movement, fixed dislocated joints, and help return you to full function. However, the significant difference between both treatments is that a chiropractor treatment employs manipulation. In contrast, a physician's treatment will often treat the symptom of pain with anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers. 

Will Chiropractic Treatment Work For Me?

You need to talk to your doctor about chiropractic treatment if you are suffering from pain. Many physicians recommend chiropractic treatment to patients, particularly those who do not want to use anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers to alleviate their discomfort. We advise you always to ensure that you discuss any medications you are using to ease back pain with your doctor.

Which One Is Better For Me? Physician Treatment or Chiropractic Treatment

Everyone's body is different, but we believe Chiropractic treatment will be the right treatment for every individual. Need Chiropractic care in Orlando? Contact Schauder Chiropractic & Wellness today at (407) 275-6700 to learn more about our chiropractic services and auto injury pain treatment in Orlando and how our service could benefit you.

Auto Injury Pain Treatment Orlando

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